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Travel Back In Time. Ankara is located at the crossing point of the routes from east to west and north to south – thus its influence and importance on commercial routes dates back to such very early times as the Assyrian Trade Colonies Period....

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Places to visit in Ankara

Places to visit in Ankara. Ethnography Museum. The Ethnography Museum of Ankara is the first museum of Turkish Rebuplic. Architecture of Ethnography Museum of Ankara reflects the characteristics of each period of Anatolia from the early ages to ...

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Let’s Explore Ankara.

Let’s explore Ankara. Ankara Goat Ankara goat which is original to the city was brought to Anatolia by Turks in the 13th century and adapted itself to the arid soil and climate of Central ...

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Famous Tastes of Ankara.

Famous tastes of Ankara. Ankara Simit, Döner and Çubuk Pickles are the most known delicacies. Simit, sesame covered round dough is the most common street food in Ankara, Ankara Simit  ...

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Nature and Ankara

Nature and Ankara The Ankara (Angora) Crocus The Ankara (Angora) Crocus, known as the herald of spring, is another endemic plant which grows in Ankara and its environs. The Ankara Crocus is ...

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Lost in Ankara

Lost in Ankara and explorde the city. Route 1 The Mausoleum of Atatürk The War of Indepence Museum (First Parliament House) The Museum of the Republic (Second Parliament House) The Column of Julian Roman Bath and Its Ruins   & ...

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What should I do in Ankara today?

Where should I go in Ankara today? Delicasies; You should try the Ankara Simit and Beypazarı Kurusu with a cup of tea at breakfast. Ankara Döneri and  ...

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Where should I visit on my Ankara holiday?

Where should I visit on my Ankara holiday? Two Days in Ankara. First Day What about starting your journey from the center of the city? The mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Türkiye, ...

Where should I visit on my Ankara holiday