Nature and Ankara

The Ankara (Angora) Crocus

The Ankara (AngoraCrocus, known as the herald of spring, is another endemic plant which grows in Ankara and its environs. The Ankara Crocus is distinguished from other species with its yellow color emerges in February- April as the snow melts down. Sources indicate that the days when the crocus blossomed were celebrated as the Spring Holiday under the name of “An.Tah.Sum.Sar” during the Hittite Empire.

Gölbaşı Flower of Love (Centaurea Tchihatcheffii) is an endemic endangered species. The specific name of the plant comes from the centaur, a mythological creature in the shape of a horse with a human head, the existence of which was proposed by Hippocrates. Probably as a result of this similarity, the plant was named Centaurea.

Colloquially called as Red Centaurea, Iridescent, and Bride Button, this plant has red, purple and pink flowers. According to the legend, it blossoms every spring as a grieve to the situation of two young lovers whose relation is impossible and tells the story of this desperate love with its different colors. They usually grow at the eastern part of Mogan Lake.

Kuğulu Park

Built in the 1950s, the park was named after the white swans that were gifted by the city of ViennaKuğulu Park, one of the important symbols of Ankara, is located at the end of Tunalı Hilmi Street. With its green areas, pool with swans and ducks and a children’s playground, it is one of the areas that the residents of Ankara truly enjoy.

Mogan Lake

Mogan Lake offers a unique scene with its natural beauty to its visitors who want to spend time in the nature. Mogan Park is located next to the coast of Mogan Lake. Thanks to its location, it provides opportunities for outdoor recreation with its restaurants, cafes, camping areas, picnic, and sports activities as well as a bird observation house.

Youth (Gençlik) Park

Surrounded by Ulus Square, historic center of the city, Opera HouseCentral Train Station and 19 Mayıs Stadium, Gençlik Park is one of the most central attraction points in the city. lt was opened on the 19th of May 1943 at the hearth of the city. lt was renovated in the 2000s and still hosts an amusement park, an open-air theatre, and a cultural and convention center in it.