Let’s explore Ankara.

Ankara Goat

Ankara goat which is original to the city was brought to Anatolia by Turks in the 13th century and adapted itself to the arid soil and climate of Central Anatolia. Angora wool which is also called as mohair is produced from the fur of these goats. Although, it is raised almost in all regions of Ankara, they are common in Ayaş, Beypazarı, Güdül and Nallıhan districts.

Ankara Cat (Turkish Angora)

Ankara (AngoraCat is the one of the symbols of the city which is an indigineous cat species originated from Ankara. These cats having silky and medium size hair with fine long body have small or medium size head and their noses are rectangular pointed, large and wide-set. The eyesare almond shaped and they are usually green, yellow, copper or blue. They are known for their shimmery white coats.

The Ankara (Angora) Rabbit

The Ankara (AngoraRabbit which is originated from Ankara although it is raised in many different countries, has a short neck, round head and its ears covered with short and thin coat are pointed and apart from each other. Eyes of these white coated rabbits are red. Ankara rabbit is famous with its long – reaching almost 40 centimeters, fine, soft and bright coat which is suitable for weaving.

Souvenirs from Ankara

Traditional shopping streets and areas located around Ankara Citadel and Ulus are among the best places to buy local products and traditional handcrafts. The shops in there sell all kinds of souvenirs including traditional Turkish copper goods, glass objects, antiques, textiles, carpets and handmade jewelry.

The municipalities of Ankara also offer unique souvenirs such as the needle lace accessories produced in Nallıhan.

Beypazarı is famous for its Telkari jewelries made of silver wires welded together.

Elmadağ Ski Center

Snow depth in Elmadağ Ski Center varies between 30-60 cms. It is 26 kilometers away from the city and located at the northern slopes of Elmadağ Mountain. The ski season of Elmadağ is between the months of January and March. Treeless and alpine meadowed ski track has easy and medium difficulty levels.

Enjoy Outdoors

Karaşar-Eğriova valleys including Belenova, Kuyucak, Sarıalan and Çukurören valleys which are 55 kilometers away from the north of Beypazarı province and 22 kilometers away from the town are suitable for hiking, and camping as well as daily recreation activities. The pond playing host to trouts and freshwater fish species provides opportunity for sport fishing. There are Çamlıdere-Benli valleys including Yılanlı, Osmansin, Peçenek and Çukurören valleys at the north of the Çamlıdere province which is 23 kilometers away to these valleys. Sorgun valley which is 23 kilometers to Güdül province, Andız valley which is 30 kilometers to the Nallıhan province, There is Ulucak valley which is 40 kilometers to the north of Kızılcahamam province, Başköy which is 40 kilometers away from Kızılcahamam and Salın which is 35 kilometers away to the center of the province. These valleys surrounded with black pine forests are suitable for hiking and camping.

The Soğuksu National ParkEğriova Plateau, Benli Plateau, Çubuk-Karagöl vacation facility inside the forest, and the Bayındır Dam recreation and picnic sites are suitable for camping and caravan tourism. These places have all the requirements to fulfill the demands of campers.

Hiking and Trekking

Pazar Çayı valley which has rich values in terms of geological formation and vegetation cover; Ağan Valley of İlhan River which was a 22 kilometer long hiking rail and has special landscape; Çubuk Pond Valley with its geological formations and rich vegetation cover are the places suitable for trekking. There is a rural settlement with the quality of vineyard house inside fruit gardens and rich vegetation cover in a very narrow space at the bottom of  İnözü valley which is surrounded with sharp rocks at both sides.

Wind Surfing

The Sarıyar Dam and the Çamlıdere dam lakes are available for wind surfing.


Kirmir and Ankara River valleys, Eğriova and Benli valleys, Karagöl, Mogan and Eymir lakesides are suitable for touring with your bicycle.

Sport Fishing

Fishing is available in the Kızılırmak and Sakarya Rivers and their branches as well as in the Kirmir Pond, Karagöl, Mogan and Eymir lakes, Asartepe, Çamlıdere, Sarıyar and Kesikköprü dam lakes.

Horse Trekking

Kızılcahamam-Karacaören village and Karaşar- Eğriova and Çamlıdere-Benliplateaus carry potential for horse trekking.


It is possible to participate in various activities at the Gölbaşı training facility where the aviation clubs of universities of Ankara provide training for their members. It is a favorable spot for paragliding training with its training hill overlooking a wide plain, suitable altitude and wind.