Azerbaijan, Places to Visit in Baku

Baku, places to visit.

The history of tourism, which has a significant impact on economic development in modern times and is of strategic importance, dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century in Azerbaijan. In 1908, a branch of the Crimean-Caucasian Mountain Club was opened in Baku. The main task of this unit was to conduct research and organize excursions on tourism in the Caucasus.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Baku caravanserais were used as hotels. High-class hotels such as Astoria, Bolshaya Moscow, Hermitage, Marseille, Madrid, Metropol, and Imperial operated in Baku. The widespread use of excursions, mountaineering, cycling and hiking has led to an increase in interest in the field and the integration of amateurs in specialized societies.
The Russian Tourist Society began organizing independent trips to the Caucasus in 1910. There are 8 tourist regions in Azerbaijan, distinguished by the diversity of their resources, level of development and prospects. The most suitable of them is the Baku-Absheron tourism region.

Baku-Absheron tourist region is located in the east of the Republic of Azerbaijan, on the shores of the Caspian Sea and has a favorable geographical position. It is included in the Baku-Absheron tourist region with a balneological climate. Tourist trips are organized from Baku on western, north-western, northern and southern routes. The region specializes in cognition, health, sports, and business tourism.

The sandy beaches on the shores of the Caspian Sea Bilgah, Nardaran, Pirshagi, Buzovna, Zugulba, Novkhani are favorable for the development of tourism. Ganjlik International Tourism Center, Neptun tourist base and sanatorium-resort centers (Bilgah, Mardakan, Buzovna) operate in the region with a balneological climate.

Bukhara and Multani caravanserais, one of the historical and architectural monuments of the Old City in Baku, are used as tourist objects in modern times. High service is provided to tourists in Baku Entertainment Center, Aqua Park, Lunapark and Lido recreation and entertainment centers. Inbound and outbound tourism is being developed in Baku, the center of perceptual tourism. There are more than 150 hotels and hotel-type enterprises in Baku.

Icheri Sheher complex in Baku (Sirvanshahs’ palace, Maiden’s tower, ancient mosques, caravanserai, etc.), Bibi-Heybat mosque, Ateshgah temple, Caspian defense facilities, fortresses, caravanserais and hunting complexes (Mardakan fortress and towers, Nardaran and Ramana fortresses) and b. are interesting historical monuments.

Gobustan State Historical-Artistic Reserve, Altiagaj National Park, Absheron National Park, “Paradise Garden” recreation area (Khizi) are located 70 km south of the city. There is a resort complex “Shikh” in the south-west of Baku. Tourists travel from Baku in 4 directions: western, north-western, northern and southern regions of the republic. Modern Olympic (Baku, Mashtaga, Hovsan) and other sports complexes allow the development of sports tourism.

10 monuments of world and 27 national importance in the territory of Icheri Sheher State Historical-Architectural Reserve, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List together with Shirvanshahs Palace and Maiden Tower, as well as historical architectural monuments around the city Bibi-Heybat Mosque, Ateshgah Temple, Caspian defense facilities complex of caravanserais and hunting grounds (Mardakan fortress and towers. Nardaran and Ramana fortresses). There are 120 hotels and other hotel-type enterprises in Baku.

Icheri Sheher,

Azerbaijan, Places to Visit in Baku, Icheri Sheher, a unique pearl of Azerbaijani architecture, is located in the center of Baku on an area of 22 hectares. There are hundreds of historical monuments in the ancient city. 4 of them are of global importance and 28 are of local importance.

Icheri Sheher, a unique city in the city, is home to more than 1,300 families, several museums, 18 hotels, and more than 100 commercial and catering facilities. On the shores of the Caspian Sea, the Old City, surrounded by medium-height hills, is surrounded by castle walls. Icheri Sheher, along with the Maiden’s Tower and the Palace of Shirvanshahs, has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000.

Maiden’s Tower

Azerbaijan, Places to Visit in Baku, The Maiden’s Tower, built in a cylindrical shape on a huge rock on the shores of the Caspian Sea, has become a symbol of Baku. The height of the tower is 31 meters from the north and 28 meters from the south. The diameter of the tower on the first floor is 16.5 meters. The thickness of the wall on the first floor reaches 5 meters. BC The inner part of this monument, which dates back to the 8th-7th centuries, is divided into 8 floors.

Each floor is built of sawn stone and covered with a domed ceiling. From floor to floor you can climb the stairs or rope inside the south-eastern wall of the castle. In the past, the castle gate also consisted of several floors. A water well hidden inside the south-eastern wall of this historical architectural pearl attracted the attention of researchers.

Diameter 0.7 m. It has been determined that the water of this well is completely suitable for drinking. Researchers do not rule out that the mysterious underground road between the Maiden’s Tower and the Palace of the Shirvanshahs began at the bottom of this well.

Shirvanshahs Palace Complex

Azerbaijan, Places to Visit in Baku, One of the masterpieces of medieval architecture, the residence of Shirvan rulers – “Shirvanshahs Palace Ensemble” is the main historical architecture of the ancient city maintains its advantage as one of the places. After the earthquake in Shamakhi in the 12th century, as a result of the relocation of the capital to Baku, the Palace of Shirvanshahs was built on the highest point of the city.

The palace complex consists of 9 buildings, each of which is distinguished by its architectural structure and service function: Palace building, Divankhana, Dervish tomb, East Gate (portal), palace mosque, Key-Gubad mosque, palace and mausoleum. The palace, built in a complex terrain, does not have a single architectural plan.

However, one of the buildings does not contradict the other. One of the buildings of the complex consists of 3 yards located at a height of 5.6 meters from the other. A special stone called almond was used in all the buildings in this area. The portal of the Divankhana and Shirvanshahs’ tombs has a special place in the palace complex.

Due to its beauty and subtlety, the divan is considered a masterpiece not only of Azerbaijan, but also of the corresponding architectural monuments of the Middle East. In 1954, the Shirvanshahs Palace Complex was transformed into the State Historical and Architectural Reserve Museum.

Castle walls

The walls of the fortress were built in 1138-1139 by the order of Shirvanshah III Manuchohr (1120-1149). In the Middle Ages, the length was 1500 m. Currently, about 600 meters from the Icheri Sheher Fortress wall have survived. The castle wall is made of hewn limestone. It is 3-3.5 meters thick and 8-12 meters high.

Seaside National Park

It is one of the main places for residents and visitors of the capital to relax and have fun. Baku Boulevard, the second largest in Europe, has had the status of a National Park since December 29, 1998.

At present, 60-70, 150-200-year-old trees and rare plant species create a pleasant meal for visitors in the National Park, which covers an area of 3 km 700 meters. There are regular carriages and cruises. There are various carousels and attractions in the National Park. There is also a 4D cinema on the boulevard.