What is the Current Status of Culinary Tourism?

Culinary tourism is a type of tourism in which travelers explore different cultures by discovering their food. Nowadays, culinary tourism is becoming increasingly popular and has become an important market for the tourism industry.

Culinary tourism offers many different experiences where travelers can taste local flavors. This type of tourism allows for the discovery of traditional foods, local restaurants, street food, famous chef’s restaurants, local markets, and food festivals.

Culinary tourism contributes to local economies by providing economic benefits to local food producers and restaurants. This type of tourism also helps to preserve and promote local flavors. In addition, gourmet tourists are expected to be aware of sustainable tourism practices and to be conscious of preserving local resources.

Culinary tourism adds a new dimension to the travel experiences of tourists and contributes to the discovery and preservation of local cultures. This type of tourism enables travelers to have unforgettable culinary experiences in the places they visit and also benefits local economies.

What are the current trends in gourmet tourism?

  1. Local food experience: One of the most important trends in gourmet tourism is to experience local food in the places visited. This is achieved by visiting local restaurants, street vendors and markets, tasting local foods and meeting local chefs.
  2. Creative cuisine: Gourmet tourists want to experience unique and creative meals rather than ordinary ones. This trend leads restaurants to prepare innovative dishes and offer fusion dishes that combine different cultures’ cuisine.
  3. Food and beverage pairing: Gourmet tourists want to know which beverages are most suitable to accompany the food they are eating. Therefore, restaurants specialize in food and beverage pairing to offer a better experience to their customers.
  4. Handmade and local beverages: Handmade and local beverages are also gaining popularity in gourmet tourism. Particularly, it is possible to experience and purchase products of local wine and beer producers by visiting them.
  5. Visiting local markets: Local markets have become an important source of experience for gourmet tourists. Tourists can purchase fresh foods directly from local producers and discover local flavors. Additionally, they show interest in food festivals and events organized in markets.