Things to Do In Bulgaria

Bulgaria, nestled amidst the Balkans, offers a delightful blend of historical charm, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant culture.

Here are some enticing possibilities for your Bulgarian adventure:

Dive into history:

  • Explore the ancient city of Nessebar: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nessebar boasts a captivating blend of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine architecture. Stroll through cobbled streets, marvel at medieval churches, and soak in the history-rich atmosphere.

Witness the grandeur of Rila Monastery: Nestled amidst the Rila Mountains, this 10th-century monastery is a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture. Wander through its colorful frescoes, admire the ornate domes, and experience the spiritual serenity.

Step back in time at Plovdiv Old Town: This charming town, one of Europe’s oldest, offers a glimpse into Ottoman, Roman, and Bulgarian history. Explore ancient Roman amphitheaters, wander through colorful houses, and discover hidden gems around every corner.

Unravel the mysteries of the Madara Horseman: This 7th-century rock relief, carved high on a cliff face, depicts a majestic horseman. Explore the surrounding archaeological site and delve into the ancient Thracian culture.

Embrace the outdoors:

  • Hike in the Rila Mountains: These majestic mountains offer breathtaking scenery and endless hiking trails. Trek through valleys dotted with wildflowers, climb snow-capped peaks, and discover hidden waterfalls and lakes.

Relax on the Black Sea Coast: Bulgaria boasts over 200 miles of coastline, with pristine beaches for every taste. Soak up the sun on Sunny Beach, try windsurfing in Golden Sands, or discover hidden coves along the southern coast.

Go skiing in Bansko: This popular ski resort offers excellent slopes for all levels, from beginners to experienced skiers. Enjoy breathtaking mountain views, après-ski in cozy chalets, and experience the winter magic of Bansko.

Explore the Seven Rila Lakes: Nestled high in the Rila Mountains, these glacial lakes offer stunning scenery and a peaceful escape. Hike around the lakes, take a boat ride, or simply soak in the tranquility of the natural landscape.

Indulge in culture and local delights:

  • Immerse yourself in Rose Valley: Bulgaria is the world’s largest producer of rose oil, and Rose Valley offers a unique cultural experience. Visit rose farms, learn about the distillation process, and enjoy the sweet fragrance of roses in bloom.

Savor the flavors of Bulgarian cuisine: From hearty stews and grilled meats to fresh salads and delicious pastries, Bulgarian cuisine offers a delightful variety. Don’t miss trying banitsa (cheese pastry), Shopska salad (tomato, cucumber, and cheese salad), and tarator (cold yogurt soup).

  • Experience the rhythm of Bulgarian folklore: Witness the vibrant dances and lively music of Bulgarian folklore. Attend a traditional performance, learn a few steps yourself, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage.
  • Unwind in a traditional Turkish bath: Pamper yourself with a relaxing experience in a Turkish bath, known as a hammam. Enjoy steam rooms, massages, and traditional treatments for a rejuvenating and authentic Bulgarian experience.

This is just a taste of what Bulgaria has to offer. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, a foodie, or simply seeking a unique cultural experience, Bulgaria has something for everyone. So, pack your bags, brush up on your Bulgarian greetings (“Zdravei!”), and get ready to discover the magic of this Balkan gem!

We hope this helps you plan your Bulgarian adventure!