Feel the Beautiful Regions of the Aegean

Bays of Bodrum in Muğla

As one of the most popular holiday destinations of Türkiye, Muğla has seven unique bays to smell the turquoise water and greenery with the unforgettable sunset views.

Gümüşlük, a unique bay overlooking the Aegean Sea, has recently become one of the most popular destinations in Bodrum. With its natural ambiance, Gümüşlük is the perfect place for swimming, sunbathing, water sports, and fine dining.

An 18 km drive from the centre of Bodrum, Yalıkavak lies on the north-western tip of the Bodrum peninsula, a popular destination for blue voyages along the Turkish Riviera.

Türkbükü, a wide bay along the Bodrum peninsula’s northern coast, is undoubtedly one of Bodrum’s most popular holiday destinations. Two coastal villages, Gölköy and Türkbükü, came together and formed the wonderful green village that is today called Göltürkbükü.

Situated to the northeast of Bodrum, Torba Bay is another well-established summer destination close to the town centre. Torba Bay prides itself on its numerous luxury hotels and resorts, offering stunning bays, pine forests, and beautiful beaches.

Gündoğan Bay is situated on the southern coast of Bodrum Peninsula and located between Göltürkbükü and Yalıkavak Bays. This bay is one of the quietest and peaceful places on the Bodrum peninsula, offering an amazing landscape and great views.

Named after famous Ottoman Greek Admiral Turgut Reis (1485-1565), also known as Dragut in the West, Turgutreis Bay is the second-largest bay town on the Bodrum peninsula and a major centre for commerce.

Heading west from the city centre of Bodrum, the first village you come across is Gümbet. This small village is surrounded by pine tree clad mountains and a glittering topaz-blue bay offers visitors a serene environment.

The Spirit of Çeşme in İzmir

The district of Çeşme is a very popular summer resort with the residents of nearby İzmir and includes such historical sites as a 16th century castle and an ancient caravanserai.

The white sandy beaches stretch lazily along a road lined with exquisitely built houses, several large hotels, and a number of restaurants, serving excellent seafood and Turkish specialties. Most of the hotels are set on beaches outside the center of town and the peninsula has excellent conditions for windsurfing, with Alaçatı‘s beach being one of the best spots.

In Çeşme, it is possible to have a complete spa treatment alongside a beach holiday, as the area offers a wide range of hotel accommodation with some of the hotels having their own spas, making use of the area’s natural mineral waters. Ilıca with a white sandy beach of the same name, is the most famous of these hot springs which contain high levels of sodium chloride, magnesium sulphate and calcium bicarbonate. Ilıca hot springs also offer underwater massage and electrotherapy as well as hot mineral pools and baths.

Büyük Menderes Delta National Park in Aydın

Büyük Menderes Delta National Park is a natural wonder with hundreds of bird species, underwater riches, historical and cultural diversity. The peninsula, which has the best examples of maquis vegetation in Türkiye, is a unique botanical garden with its rich flora. It is also one of the important habitats for migratory birds in the Aegean Region. 

Located within the borders of KuşadasıSöke and Didim districts, the National Park has been accepted as a Flora Biogenetic Reserve Area by the European Council in the European Biogenetic Reserves Scheme, as it is a nature museum where flywheel plant species of entire Anatolia from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea are naturally seen together. Together with the Büyük Menderes River, this area is of international importance due to its biological diversity, endangered species, and endemic species.

The peninsula offers many alternatives from Sportive Angling to Cycling, Hiking, Wildlife and Bird Watching. The Observation Terrace is ideal for photography enthusiasts with its unique nature and view that you cannot get enough of.

Honaz Mountain National Park in Denizli

Honaz Mountain, the highest point of the Aegean Region, has a unique place in terms of its steep slopes, waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, and geological features. The National Park consists of Honaz Mountain and its surroundings, which are located within the boundaries of Pamukkale and Serinhisar districts. The slopes of the mountain covered with forests show rich plant diversity due to its special climate conditions. Many endemic plant species are found, including red pine, larch, oak and juniper. Three plant species that grow only on Honaz Mountain in the world; Ballıbaba, Beeftail and Saffron have been identified. In addition, animal species such as wild goats, wild boars, badgers, foxes, rabbits, and martens, as well as different species of songbirds and predators can be seen. Colossae Ancient City, one of the most important centers of the Greater Phrygia, is located within the borders of the National Park. Honaz Mountain National Park, with its slopes and waterfalls, is very suitable for trekking&hiking, cycling, and camping.

Kula Volcanoes and Fairy Chimneys in Manisa

Kula Volcanoes and its surroundings in between Kula and Salihli districts have a volcanic geological structure and it was recognized by UNESCO as a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2013. Volcanic activities in the Kula region continued until the beginning of the quaternary period. In this region eruptions occurred in various periods and lava flows spread around several times. Now, volcanoes are extinct. This feature made the famous geographer Strabon called these lands Yanık Ülke (Burnt Land). Within the geopark, there are some natural formations were formed by the effects of temperature changes, rain, wind, and erosion: Kula Fairy Chimneys create a magnificent landscape with its pastel tones on the Gediz Valley.

Natural Habitat Lakes in Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisar is worth exploring with its natural beauties as well as its historical and cultural values. You will discover many natural lakes in Afyonkarahisar, each of which is a natural wonder and protected for thousands of years.

Eber Lake is located within an area of 150 square kilometers, is waiting to be discovered as a magnificent lake. Situated on the migration route of migratory birds, the lake is a breeding and habitat for many bird species with its reeds. Eber Lake, where many endemic plant species grow, is the only place in the world where the endemic plant species called Eber Yellow is grown.

Located in southwest of Afyonkarahisar, Acıgöl is one of the major lakes due to its bird population. The lake sits on a special region hosting flamingo flocks in summer and winter. In Acıgöl, where migratory birds such as gulls, wild goose, wild ducks, cranes, cormorants, pelicans, storks, and the other bird species such as eagles, hawks; observing the birds from the bird watching tower is one of the most beautiful activities you can do in nature.

Another lake in Afyonkarahisar to admire its natural beauty is the Emre Lake. It is possible to see many historical buildings in the Phrygian Valley on a canoe or boat tour (the Boats of King Midas) in the Emre Lake, which is located within the borders of İhsaniye district and the Phrygian Valley.

Lavender Gardens in Uşak

Located on three kilometers away from Ulubey Canyon, Lavender Gardens of Uşak is one of the unique beauties of the region. It is sufficient to visit Ulubey, which is considered the heart of lavender, to see this beauty and inhale its unique scent. Resting places and photo taking areas on the area make the lavender gardens more attractive. In addition, the oil of lavender, which is used industrially, has started to be produced as hygiene materials.

Murat Mountain

Murat Mountain was known as Dindymon, which means “Mount of the Mother Goddess Kybele”, in ancient times. Murat Mountain was one of the sacred places of Christians in the Middle Ages. Turkmens who conquered Kadoi in 14th century, gave the name of Murat Gazi to the mountain and carried the name of the martyr to eternity. Murat Mountain is an appropriate place to visit both in summer and winter with its plateaus, thermal facilities, ski center and hiking&trekking trails.