Balikligol Sanliurfa The Oldest Statue of Asia TURKEY

Balikligol, located in the city of Sanliurfa, Turkey, is a sacred lake that is believed to be the site where Abraham was thrown into a fire by his father, Terah. The lake is also home to a number of ancient artifacts, including the oldest statue in Asia.

The statue, known as the “Fish Statue,” is a 12-inch-tall limestone carving of a fish. It was found in the lake in 1962 and is believed to date back to the Neolithic era, making it over 10,000 years old.

The Fish Statue is a significant archaeological find, as it provides evidence of early human civilization in the region. It is also a popular tourist attraction, and it is often used as a symbol of Sanliurfa.

The statue is currently on display at the Sanliurfa Museum. It is a valuable piece of history that offers a glimpse into the past of this ancient city.

Here are some additional details about the Fish Statue:

  • The statue is made of limestone, a soft rock that is easily carved.
  • The fish is carved in a realistic style, with scales and fins.
  • The statue is believed to have been a religious symbol, perhaps representing a fertility god or goddess.

The Fish Statue is a reminder of the rich history and culture of Sanliurfa. It is a valuable artifact that helps us to understand the past of this ancient city.