-Northern Cyprus Climate-

The climate of the Northern Cyprus Island is of an extreme Mediterranean type with very hot dry summers and relatively cold winters. Most of the rainfall is concentrated between December and January.

The sea temperature in North Cyprus never falls below 16°C (January and February); in August it can rise to 28 °C. Spring and autumn in Northern Cyprus are short with occasional heavy storms. 

The North Cyprus enjoys over 300 days of sunshine and from mid-May to mid- September the sun shines on a daily average of around 11 hours. Summer temperatures in Northern Cyprus are high in the lowlands, even near theMediterranean Sea, and reach the highest readings in the Mesaoria. 

Daily temperature in North Cyprus in July and August is about 29°C on the central plain, able to culminate at the average maximum of 38°C in these months. A mean January temperature is 10°C on the central plain and 5°C onthe higher parts of the Northern Cyprus Kyrenia Mountains. The sky is cloudless with a low humidity.

During the wet winter months Cyprus is a green island. Frost and snow are almost unknown in Northern Cyprus. The higher mountain areas are cooler and moister than the rest of the North Cyprus Island.