Kazakhstan Cuisine and Entertainment

Kazakhstan offers a rich and diverse cuisine influenced by its nomadic traditions, as well as the cultural heritage of its neighboring countries.

Here are some highlights of Kazakh cuisine:

  1. Beshbarmak: This is the national dish of Kazakhstan, which means “five fingers” in Kazakh. It consists of boiled meat (typically lamb or beef) served on a bed of flat noodles, and is often accompanied by onions and broth.
  2. Kazy and Shubat: Kazy is a traditional sausage made from horse meat, while Shubat is fermented camel’s milk. These unique delicacies are enjoyed by locals and are an integral part of Kazakh culinary traditions.
  3. Manty: Similar to dumplings, manty are steamed or boiled pockets of dough filled with a mixture of meat (usually lamb or beef), onions, and spices. They are typically served with sour cream or a tomato-based sauce.
  4. Baursak: Baursak is a type of fried dough served as a side dish or a snack. The dough is usually shaped into small, round pieces and deep-fried until golden brown. It’s often enjoyed with tea or as a part of festive meals.
  5. Kymyz: Kymyz is a traditional Kazakh beverage made from fermented mare’s milk. It has a slightly sour taste and is considered a symbol of hospitality in Kazakhstan. Drinking kymyz is a cultural experience that visitors can enjoy.

In terms of entertainment, Kazakhstan offers various options to explore its cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Here are some popular activities in Kazakhstan:

  1. Traditional Music and Dance: Attend performances of traditional Kazakh music and dance, which often feature the dombra (a two-stringed instrument) and energetic folk dances like the Kazakh “kara zhorga” or the Kyrgyz “kara jorgo.”
  2. Nomadic Experiences: Engage in activities that offer a glimpse into the nomadic way of life, such as staying in a yurt, horseback riding in the vast steppes, or participating in eagle hunting demonstrations.
  3. Cultural Festivals: Plan your visit to coincide with cultural festivals like Nauryz Meyrami (celebrating the spring equinox) or the Astana Day festivities, which showcase traditional music, dance, crafts, and food.
  4. Nature Exploration: Kazakhstan boasts stunning landscapes, including the Tien Shan Mountains, Charyn Canyon, and the Caspian Sea coast. Explore national parks, go hiking, or take a scenic drive to appreciate the country’s natural beauty.
  5. Museums and Landmarks: Visit museums like the National Museum of Kazakhstan or the Central State Museum to learn about the country’s history and cultural heritage. Explore architectural marvels like the Bayterek Tower in Nur-Sultan or the Ascension Cathedral in Almaty.

Remember to check local event listings and consult with tourist information centers for specific activities and entertainment options available during your visit to Kazakhstan.