Crewed Charters

A crewed charter is a type of yacht charter where a person or group rents a sailboat or motor yacht with the services of a professional crew, including a captain, chef, and other crew members as needed. This means that the charterer can relax and enjoy the sailing experience, leaving the navigation, operation, and maintenance of the yacht to the professional crew.

Crewed charters are popular among those who want to enjoy a luxury sailing holiday without the stress and responsibility of sailing the yacht themselves. They provide the opportunity to explore the world’s most beautiful destinations in comfort and style, with the added benefit of expert guidance and local knowledge from the crew.

Crewed charters are available in a range of destinations, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, and from the Adriatic Sea to the South Pacific. Visitors can choose from a range of sailboats and motor yachts, from small and intimate vessels to larger and more luxurious yachts.

One of the advantages of a crewed charter is the opportunity to enjoy a truly customized and personalized sailing experience. Visitors can work with the crew to create an itinerary that suits their interests and preferences, whether that involves exploring the local culture and cuisine, enjoying water sports and activities, or simply relaxing on deck and taking in the scenery.

Crewed charters also provide the opportunity to enjoy world-class cuisine prepared by a professional chef, with menus tailored to the preferences and dietary requirements of the guests. With the added benefit of a knowledgeable and attentive crew, guests can relax and enjoy their sailing holiday without worrying about a thing.

The cost of a crewed charter varies depending on the type of yacht, the length of the charter, and the destination. However, crewed charters are generally more expensive than bareboat charters, as they include the cost of crew and skipper services.

Overall, a crewed charter provides a luxurious and indulgent sailing holiday for those who want to relax and enjoy the ultimate comfort and service on the water. With the opportunity to explore the world’s most beautiful destinations in complete comfort and style, a crewed charter is an unforgettable experience for those who want to experience the best of the sea and the sailing lifestyle.