Accommodation Options in Mauritius

Mauritius offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. Whether you’re looking for luxury resorts, boutique hotels, or budget-friendly accommodations, you’ll find plenty of choices.

Here are some popular accommodation options in Mauritius:

  1. Luxury Resorts: Mauritius is known for its luxurious beach resorts, many of which offer world-class amenities and breathtaking views. These resorts typically feature private villas or suites, multiple restaurants, swimming pools, spa facilities, water sports activities, and access to pristine beaches. Examples of renowned luxury resorts in Mauritius include One&Only Le Saint Géran, The St. Regis Mauritius Resort, and Constance Le Prince Maurice.
  2. Boutique Hotels: If you prefer a more intimate and personalized experience, boutique hotels in Mauritius are a great option. These smaller-scale accommodations offer unique character, stylish design, and personalized service. They often have fewer rooms or suites, creating a more exclusive atmosphere. Some popular boutique hotels in Mauritius include LUX* Belle Mare, Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort, and Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge.
  3. All-Inclusive Resorts: Many resorts in Mauritius offer all-inclusive packages, where meals, drinks, and some activities are included in the price. This option provides convenience and allows you to indulge in a variety of culinary experiences without worrying about additional costs. Examples of all-inclusive resorts in Mauritius include Tamassa – An All-Inclusive Resort, Club Med La Plantation d’Albion, and Maritim Crystals Beach Hotel.
  4. Guesthouses and Bed and Breakfasts: For a more affordable and authentic experience, guesthouses and bed and breakfast establishments are available in Mauritius. These accommodations are often family-run and provide a homely atmosphere. They offer comfortable rooms, local hospitality, and sometimes home-cooked meals. They are commonly found in towns and villages across the island.
  5. Self-Catering Villas and Apartments: If you prefer more independence and the option to cook your meals, self-catering villas and apartments are available in Mauritius. These accommodations come with fully equipped kitchens, allowing you to prepare your meals at your own convenience. They are especially suitable for families or groups of friends traveling together.

It’s advisable to book your accommodation in advance, particularly during the peak tourist season from November to April. The choice of accommodation may vary depending on the specific region of Mauritius you plan to visit. Whether you opt for a luxury resort, a charming boutique hotel, or a budget-friendly guesthouse, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from to suit your preferences and budget.